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A Shiny New Baby and Other Recent Happenings

Since the last time I blogged (on either of my old blogs), things have changed. Drastically. Of course, that is bound to happen when you haven’t done any writing in 6 months. So, without excuses and without further ado… actually, … Continue reading

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The Eames Witch Project

> Warning: May Cause Motion Sickness.

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The Highlight Reel: July Edition

>Like most blogs, I generally only share the particularly funny or noteworthy things that happen around here–and I definitely only post pictures that I feel are decent. But, I thought it was time to let you in on some of … Continue reading

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What Do Vegan Toddlers Eat?: Day Two

>Breakfast1 brown rice sausage breakfast patty1 banana pancakeNote: This is a lot of tan food. He actually only ate the pancake and then ate half a banana. He ate the sausage for a snack. The sausage is my attempt at … Continue reading

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Eames On His Chariot

> …if only he could actually lasso Nico.

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What do Vegan Toddlers Eat?: Day One

>For a couple of reasons, I thought I’d take the time to document what Eames eats–if only to see if he eats as much as it seems like most days (though where it goes is still a great mystery). I … Continue reading

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Eames Tries to Lasso a Cat

>Please ignore the destruction. I’m in the middle of rearranging… And I have a one year old. And he distracts me with these kind of antics when I should be cleaning.

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