Move, Moving, Moved

So far, it’s been one hell of a year: birthdays, graduation, new job, cross-country move…you name, we’ve pretty much experienced it this year.

Now, after 2000 miles in a car with sick kids and anxious cats, we’re somewhat moved into a house in Montpelier. Josh busted his ass for 3 days and got all of our stuff in the house, but the kitchen is still in the middle of a renovation and it hasn’t had the past tenants dirt scrubbed from the bones. As a result, it’s been a slow, frustrating, expensive move-in. That said, the kids are settling in after having their world packed up and moved, and we may get a moment of respite in July when I’m between teaching gigs (a few weeks that I fully plan on enjoying).

As soon as I get my new camera lens (the old one broke days before the move), I’ll document some of our adventure. In the meantime, however, here are the highlights from the last few weeks:

Sleeping boys (beneath the piece of couch that never made it into the trailer).

  • Saying goodbye to Colorado and all those we love there.
  • Leaving while Eames is in the middle of the stomach flu. Diarrhea and road trips do not go together.
  • Having to hold Nico down to wash the poop off of him on the side of the highway. Twice.
  • Renting a motel room next a pimp and his girl in Davenport, IA.
  • Seeing Niagara Falls for the first time.
  • Watching Dashiell take his first real steps in Nebraska.
  • Jumping and wondering if I left a kid on top of the car or cut someone off every time another car honked at us. Thanks for the “Honk! Just Married” prompt on the side of the car, Rileys.
  • Saying goodbye to my Grandpa.
  • Staying with new friends while we wait for out place to open. And hoping our children don’t burn down the house in the process.
  • Unloading box after box after box and listening to Eames exclaim, “Whoa!!!!” as his old toys begin to reappear.
  • Showering after several days of moving with no working shower.
  • Seeing “Prometheus” and getting drinks at our new local bar for our honeymoon (thanks, Jill!).
  • Discovering wild strawberries in our backyard.
  • Noticing the silence of Vermont nights.
  • Seeing my very first firefly (which really do look like the ones in Pirates of the Caribbean).

Consider this blog post a “hello again, old friend.” Though I’ve been slacking thus far, I hope to document my new job, our new town, and our discovery of the East here regularly as these boys and I settle in our new life.

P.S. You may call me doctor.

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One Response to Move, Moving, Moved

  1. sara V says:

    I love seeing fireflies. They are the coolest things about east coast summers. Don’t catch them and put them in jars though, they do die 😦

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