Books of 2011: Reading Can Be Fun!


The Golden Compass: Phillip Pullman
Cryptonomicon: Neil Stephenson
The Walking Dead (Book 1): Robert Kirkman
The Walking Dead (Book 2): Robert Kirkman
Wise Man’s Fear: Patrick Rothfuss
The Crippled God (Book 10 of the Malazan Book of the Fallen): Stephen Erikson
Wonderstruck: Brian Selznick
A Dance with Dragons:George RR Martin

Books I Re-Read:

A Clash of Kings: George RR Martin
A Storm of Swords: George RR Martin
A Feast for Crows: George RR Martin


It’s All About the Bike: Robert Penn
Bicycle Diaries: David Byrne
The Nasty Bits: Anthony Bourdain
At Home: A Short History of Private Life: Bill Bryson

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3 Responses to Books of 2011: Reading Can Be Fun!

  1. fluffybuttfarms says:

    Nice! Are you going to read the other two of the Dark Materials series?

    Also, I love The Nasty Bits and hope you will read more Bourdain if you liked him. I have my students read “My Manhattan” (one of the chapters in The Nasty Bits) when we talk about food, home, and memory. They always seem to love it.

    Is that David Byrne of the Talking Heads David Byrne?

  2. thedalyn says:

    Hm. Are the other two any better? I was kinda feeling “meh” about The Golden Compass.

    I, too, love Bourdain and I’ve got more of his stuff on my list. I try to (mostly) switch back and forth between fiction and non. Right now, I’m reading 1Q84, so maybe Bourdain will be next (though I think Empire of Food is actually next in the stack).

    And, yes, that David Byrne. it’s kind of an interesting book–had a lot of promie that I don’t think it really lived up to. BUT, if I ever teach a class on spatial rhetoric, there’re one or two chapters that would be perfect for an undergraduate class.

    • fluffybuttfarms says:

      Woo, workin’ on syllabi, comin’ up for air!

      Yeah, Pullman’s writing style can be a little … sloggy? Not quite so bad as other authors I can think of (Lionel Shriver, We Need to Talk about Kevin, for example) but The Dark Materials can be a little slow. I found it interesting enough to complete all of them and keep the books, which means I liked them enough to read again. But I told myself several years ago if I was not enjoying a book, I had permission to stop reading it and give it back/get rid of it. I was slogging through things I hated and at the end, I was wanting my time back–which was dumb. Ever since then, if it doesn’t interest me, it’s out. I’d give The Subtle Knife a shot and if you dislike it, don’t go further.

      IQ84 sounds cool–you’ll have to post about whether or not you liked it after you’re done!

      Ok, back to syllabi 😛

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