5 Months/29 Months

You know what happens when you only post two or three times a year? Shit changes. And, around here, boy does it ever.

At 5 months, Dashiell is growing into his nose. Seriously. Aside from the way his ears are tucked back noticeably close to his skull, the kid had a nose. But the rest of him is rounding out and growing rapidly (over 70th percentile in height and weight), while his nose stays the same.

Likes: Eames (he beams at him every time he sees him), faux-hawks, babbling, sitting in the high chair, laughing at Eames, sucking his thumb, rolling over, sleeping in late with Mommy, and his new teeth!

At 29 months, Eames is…still not really talking. Or, more accurately, only speaking in questions/exclamations: Whoa! Where is? Uh-oh! Wha’s that? Where! Tractor! Corri! Who’s that! Sit? Sit! He is also pretty much a holy terror each and every day. He has fallen 6 feet off a play structure, broken a window, broken a glass tabletop, torn the covers from several books, drawn on the walls, tackled the cats, and challenged us every chance he gets.

BUT, THE LOVE. Eames asks about Dashiell first thing every morning. he stops to kiss him constantly throughout the day. He says, “hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” about 2 inches from Dashiell’s face every time he walks by. He tries to give him toys and teach him to not suck his thumb. He lays down on the ground face-to-face with Dashiell and laughs until Dashiell laughs and they simply lay there laughing at each other. When Dashiell cries, he makes monkey sounds at him, trying to soothe him and make him laugh. He is a good big brother.

Oh, and have I mentioned he likes to ride his bike? Sometimes just a block and sometimes he goes for miles…..

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3 Responses to 5 Months/29 Months

  1. Georgie says:

    I notice he doesn’t like to *pedal* it…LOL

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