9 Weeks/26 Months

Time is going by so fast and having Dashiell around has made me realize how much I’ve forgotten about Eames (and let’s not even talk about Aspen) when he was this age–and it’s only been 2 years (maybe I should’ve treated my brain better!). So, I wanted to post a little update about all the fun/cute/amazing/annoying stuff the boys are up to in this month of July 2011:

Dashiell is getting bigger everyday. Sometimes I swear he’s noticeably bigger by the time night rolls around. He wasn’t into the pacifier, so we stopped trying to force it on him and he just recently has started to find his own hands. You can hear him slurping on his fingers from across the room. He’s holding up his head like a champ and I can now carry him on my hip facing outward, though he’s still a bit of a bobble head. And, he loves to be cuddled and talked to, rewarding me with a big smile when I lean in and say hi.

He's already used to having his picture taken.

Speaking of greetings, Eames likes to lean in, putting all his weight on Dashiell, and say in a breathy voice, “hiiiiiii….”, which I suspect is his imitation of me. Then he gives Dashiell a kiss. Often these kisses are uncomfortably long. We like to say he’s making out with his brother. And, he can’t walk by Dashiell without stopping to give him a kiss.

A kissing break at the park.

Luckily for Eames, he is unbelievably sweet and cute sometimes, because he’s often also a terror. I didn’t know that being two was quite so hard. On parents. He throws some spectacular tantrums, including the one in the middle of a super hip vegan restaurant in LA–the one with only 7 tables. Said tantrums always include screaming and crying, but my favorite part is when he back-dives on to the ground (I can’t believe he hasn’t cracked open his head yet) and then uses his legs to propel himself across the floor with every scream. It’s awesome.

I’m hoping the tantrums will be improved by the fact that Eames is FINALLY starting to talk. In addition to “mommy”, “daddy”, Dashiell (or dash-dash), and “NO”, he says “bye” to everything and everyone, stares longingly out the door saying “Korri” (our neighbor whom he loves), shouts “trash truck” and runs to the window when he hears a big truck outside, and uses about 10 other words here and there (done, down, kitty, shoe, Simi, shower, where is it?, that one…). He also has about 15 signs now, the best of which is “love”. Perhaps the all-time best word–verbal or sign–is when he heard me say “shit” one day and proceeded to repeat it under his breath about 10 times, while he walked around in circles.

Making love to the camera.

Last, we took both boys to their very first drive-in movie: Cars 2. The movie itself left much to be desired, but the whole experience was amazing. The vanagon is the best drive-in movie car ever. Eames stayed awake for the whole thing, before promptly falling asleep as soon as we headed home. It made a nice start to the Colorado Drive-in Tour of 2011.

Waiting for sunset...

Being ever so patient.

9 Weeks/26 Months in short:

Dashiell LOVES cuddling with mommy, falling asleep on daddy, Eames’s bedtime, sleeping through the night (10-4ish), long walks, showers, and intimate conversation. He DOES NOT like having his head touched or being left in the basement.

Please don't leave me in the basement.

Eames LOVES tomatoes, anything with wheels, the neighbor kids–especially Korri, chipotle ranch dressing, playing in the water, being naked, the Christmas cat, poop scooping, pretending to shoot anyone or anything, and sleeping in his big boy bed. He DOES NOT like getting his diaper changed, hipster restaurants, the vacuum, or staying in bed past 7am (though putting a fan in his room has worked wonders for his morning wake up time).

He can now reach the counter, which means it's open season on tomatoes.

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One Response to 9 Weeks/26 Months

  1. Rebecca says:


    It may seem at times like “NO” is the word you most wish your two-year-old hadn’t learned, but wait till he picks up on “MINE!” (Or, more accurately, “MIIIIIIIIINNE!”)

    Is being left in the basement an accident or a punishment?

    I promise that, if you let me hold Dashiell again, I won’t let his head bobble so much. 🙂

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