Justice League of Street Food Bash; Or, Dalyn meets Hosea

Yesterday we went to the Justice League of Street Food Bash in Denver. Mostly, for me, it was an excuse to feel like an adult and eat some good food–both of which were easily accomplished. The Bash included 10 food trucks (only one of which was vegan friendly), wine and beer, music, a play area for kids, and lots and lots of hipsters. I loved every second of it.

The whole thing took place in a parking lot behind some crazy modern lofts in an old industrial part of Denver. The play area was open courtesy of Open Air Academy–a school I would love to go despite being about 32 years too old. The toys are wooden, the furniture is reclaimed and handmade in Scandinavian style, and the floors are concrete so dirt and water are welcome inside. So. Sweet. Eames had a blast playing at their water tables and being THAT KID, who splashed and soaked all the other good little girls and boys.

Notice the difference in color between his front and back? Yeah...

But the highlight, of course, was the food and a celebrity food meet and greet. The Steamin’ Demon food cart is run by the folks at Watercourse and provided the only real choice of vegan eats. They had two choices but we went with the Loco Moco:

The creaminess of the gravy (which I think is soymilk based) paired perfectly with the hot sauce. And the quinoa patty was tender but held together well–a tough combination in veggie patties. Apparently, this bowl is a veganized version of a popular Hawaiian breakfast dish. A fact I only know because I was schooled by Hosea Rosenberg, winner of season 5 of Top Chef, during our interview. He’s putting together a show on food trucks that he’ll be shopping around. So, if it ever makes it on TV, I’ll get my 15 minutes of vegan fame.

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3 Responses to Justice League of Street Food Bash; Or, Dalyn meets Hosea

  1. fluffybuttfarms says:

    So, guess who I saw at the Renaissance Festival this past weekend? Hosea Rosenberg–and I knew who he was because of you! πŸ™‚ He made some sort of beignets with maple-curry drizzle as a cooking demonstration which was odd because it didn’t strike me as particularly Renaissance inspired, particularly given the use of Kitchenaids and FryDaddys. But anyway, I thought that was kind of cool!

  2. dalynluedtke says:

    Now you have your celebrity sighting as well. Though, to be honest, he kinds gets around. I also see him at the Farmer’s Market sometimes. How was the Ren Faire? And, more importantly, what did you wear and eat?

    • fluffybuttfarms says:

      The Ren Faire was good! You guys should go if you have time–next weekend is the last weekend. I, as always, was an evil fairy. I really should branch out and get a Renaissance inspired costume but there are always tons of fairies running around at Ren Faires. I think next year we’re going to go to the one right outside of Phoenix instead; that way I can argue for driving into Tucson and visiting a few things I miss πŸ™‚ You know, this year was the first year we didn’t really eat at the fair proper. I think it was a combination of starting off with a substantial breakfast and then being more thirsty than hungry while at the fair. Next time I insist on more Faire food!

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