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Excerpts from the Summer of Aspen

>Well, after what seemed like a short visit, Aspen headed back home to California this past Friday. It seems like we hardly saw her, since she was in volleyball camp for half the visit and asleep for the other half … Continue reading

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Refried Beans

>Let me put this bluntly: I love refried beans. And, while I don’t mind using canned ones for adding to burritos and whatnot, I would never eat them straight. Canned refrieds just don’t cut it. After hearing a lot of … Continue reading

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Spicy Chickpea Puree

>While Aspen was here, I made a lot of beans, since she seems to like them and every meal was hit and miss on whether she’d actually eat it. This Spicy Chickpea Puree was a great big fail with Aspen … Continue reading

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What Do Vegan Toddlers Eat?: Day Two

>Breakfast1 brown rice sausage breakfast patty1 banana pancakeNote: This is a lot of tan food. He actually only ate the pancake and then ate half a banana. He ate the sausage for a snack. The sausage is my attempt at … Continue reading

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