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>Say Yes to the Dress

>Mommy was awake with baby from 2:30-4:30. AM.Mommy was tired.Baby was teething.Mommy was having a bad day. Mommy had to go through baby stuff for the consignment sale this weekend.Mommy already has boxes of clothes that no longer fit baby.Mommy … Continue reading

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>Winter Olympics 2030: The Training Years

>While you may think that this video is noteworthy for the walking that takes place toward the end, you’d be wrong. Admittedly, I was pulling for curling as his future sport of choice, but all it takes is one … Continue reading

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>10 Months!?!?

>Eames turned 10 months old this past Monday and, like the other month-birthdays, I’m struck silent by how fast it has gone. This time, however, I promised myself that I’d actually try to write something. Enjoying the California sun and … Continue reading

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>Holly Hobbie Broccoli Casserole

>When I was young, I thought my aunt was a modern day Betty Crocker (though, for some reason, I called her Holly Hobbie which must have represented the kind of Little House on the Prairie homey-ness that I associated with … Continue reading

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>Vegan Baby Food: Chard and Tofu Ricotta Stuffed Shells

> At first, I was really careful about what I was giving Eames and when. I read tons of conflicting advice about when to give him tofu, wheat, and other potentially allergy-inducing foods. I introduced one food at a time–for … Continue reading

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