>Swiss Chard Frittata and Diner Home Fries

>Like many of you, I pre-ordered Vegan Brunch. However, it’s likely that none of you then switched banks and forgot to update your credit card info and then got annoyed when Amazon kept sending you emails which you ignored thinking they were sales notifications or some such thing and, anyway, don’t they know you just had a baby and can’t be bothered with this crap? Jesus.
So, it took me a week or two to realize they really wanted to send me the cookbook I’ve been so eagerly awaiting (since I would argue that vegan cookbooks don’t do breakfasty type stuff well, if they do it at all). I finally got it about 2 weeks ago and promptly made Mom’s Morning Casserole, which was horribly unphotogenic but pretty good to taste. My second foray into the book was both tasty and good looking (mostly). The Swiss Chard Frittata was perfect with the chard I picked up earlier from the farmer’s market only to have it wilt as it sat at the Community Cycles booth with Josh. I thought at first that 6 cloves worth of sliced garlic might be a bit overwhelming but the ‘blonding‘ method does go exceptionally well with the earthiness of the chard. And the Diner Home Fries…well, you can’t exactly go wrong with a potato. Isa only uses salt and pepper to season hers, but my love of paprika–especially on home fries–made me deviate from the recipe even though I usually try to make it, for the first try at least, according to directions. While the potatoes took a while, the frittata came together quickly and this was a wholly satisfying brunch/breakfast for dinner.

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One Response to >Swiss Chard Frittata and Diner Home Fries

  1. Bianca says:

    >Yum! I've seen quite a few VB frittata around the blogs today. I guess I need make one soon too! I love that book so much, although now I have to buy a new waffle iron…

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