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>You’ve Got to be &^%$#!!? Kidding Me.

>I’ll admit that this only partially works as an excuse since I hadn’t been posting regularly anyway. But, I found out 2 weeks ago that i have gestational diabetes and the resulting drama of glucose tests and home blood testing … Continue reading

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>Baby Crap: A Registry in Progress

>UPDATE: Because this is an unconventional registry, tracking what gets bought is slightly problematic. Therefore, I’ve assigned a mediator. If you purchase something on the registry, please email Jo (see sidebar) to let her know and she will strike it … Continue reading

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>Still Alive and Kicking. Barely.

>I’ll admit it: I was feeling pretty proud of myself. Much like the last time I did this 13 years ago, this pregnancy was going as smooth as possible. I can’t say I felt any different than I did when … Continue reading

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>Road Trip: SLC

>We decided to hit the road for a trip to Salt Lake City over Valentine’s Day weekend. Many, many people looked at us a bit askance when we said we were headed to to SLC, but we went for a … Continue reading

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