>Middle Names Are a Bitch

>While the name Juniper (which was originally suggested by Patty) came easily to us and seemed like a natural choice, the middle name has not come so easy. I suspect, in part, this is due to the fact that I don’t have a middle name and they’ve always just seemed like unnecessary ornamentation to me. I mean, yes, Aspen got one anyway, but I worked with it by making her middle name Aspen and never, ever using her first name.

So, here’s the conundrum. We decided to go with Brown because Juniper sounds marvelous with it (Luedtke’s a tough name to match). However, using Brown effectively eliminates any one syllable middle names. The repetition of one syllable names sounds too truncated–like a shot gun. A misfired shotgun. For example, I really like Juniper Bell….but, Juniper Bell Brown is a nightmare. It also makes a three syllable middle name a mouthful. Juniper is long enough on its own. So, that leaves us with two syllable names that don’t start with ‘B’ (too much alliteration) and aren’t in any way a color or tree (she’s already got one of each). And, really, imagine, if you will, Juniper Blue Brown. I’ve even played around with using both our last names but, if you put Brown in front of anything, it sounds like a description, not a name.

So, with that in mind, we’ve struggled to come up with something that works. In fact, we’ve even taken to randomly plugging street names in the middle of Juniper Brown as we pass by exit signs on our road trips. That hasn’t worked either….

UPDATE: While writing this bitch session, Josh and I agreed on a middle name. Thus, it has been decided. Without further ado, her name shall be…

Juniper Paisley Brown

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2 Responses to >Middle Names Are a Bitch

  1. >I can’t believe you bailed on Beckett. You suck.

  2. thedalyn says:

    >I like Beckett too. But, Josh wasn’t feeling it. There’s no accounting for taste…

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