>Wilted Kale Salad

>So, Vegan Tickles tried out this recipe and gave it a big thumbs up, so I thought I’d try it. The dressing is, as she points outs, divine. I actually wish I hadn’t added it to the kale. The salt in this recipe–which is used to wilt the kale–was so overwhelming, it was almost inedible. And don’t let the recipe fool you: 4 bunches of kale is indeed a shit-ton of kale (which is why, I’m assuming, it calls for 2 tablespoons of salt!).

I thought/hoped/wished that adding the kale to something else would diminish the saltiness a bit, so I made a wrap using toffutti sour cream, kale salad, pinto beans, and cholula. Tasty. But, still waaaaaaay too salty. And I have a whole lotta kale salad left. I’m not sure what to do with it…

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4 Responses to >Wilted Kale Salad

  1. Georgie says:

    >I bet Chris would like it (if he likes kale…dunno if he does). But he LOVES salt.

  2. >Don’t want to discourage you, but if it’s salty… it will stay salty! Whatever you eat it with! Next time will be better for sure 😉

  3. >I really need to try this!

  4. Bianca says:

    >Don’t you hate when a recipe turns out perfect, except for the salt level. Cuz you can’t just take that out or cover it up. Damn. Looks good though.Thanks, btw, for the Teese tip. I think I’ll refrain from freezing it since I don’t always use it for melting. I like it shredded in salads and stuff, so I want it to hold its shape.

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