>Cauliflower Cakes

>I left for California last Thursday and returned yesterday morning just in time to teach my class. During those 3 days or so, Josh was left to fend for himself (as were the cats apparently). Fending for himself generally means eating bags and bags of chips with whatever he can find to dip them in: 505, salsa, hummus, you name it. However, he managed to go a step further this weekend.

Some time ago, Josh bought a generic can of tomato sauce from Costco and then froze the entire thing in our freezer thereby turning it into a tomato glacier. I often wondered how he’d portion it. Now I know: he didn’t. Apparently, all he ate this weekend was pasta (the pasta I like of course–not the pounds of elbow macaroni he bought on sale that I won’t eat) and that glacier. Unfortunately, the mushrooms, onions, zucchini, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, nor spinach made it into the pasta he made. So, I arrived home to find a fridge full of nearly rotting produce and Josh not feeling so well (shocking). Fortunately, Vegan Tickles had a post about these cauliflower cakes. After much thought, I decided to serve them with this coconut green curry sauce which I made with soy milk and a little corn starch to thicken it up. The sauce was much more sophisticated than our normal green curry mixed with coconut milk and the cakes were filling and delicious with a delicate flavor. Now I’ve got to muster up the energy to freeze all those blueberries that didn’t get eaten and figure out what to do with the broccoli and squash tomorrow…

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2 Responses to >Cauliflower Cakes

  1. veganboyjosh says:

    >i must apologize to our regular readers that the two (almost identical) pasta dishes didn’t get posted to the palate. Thedalyn took the camera with her to California…the cauliflower cakes were amazing, tho. and the green curry sauce was the perfect match. they might also be good with some kind of sweet (mango? pineapple?) chutney.

  2. Bianca says:

    >Yum! Cauliflower cakes! They sound great, especially with green curry sauce!

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