>I’ve been totally slacking for the past week or so–mostly because I started teaching again. Unfortunately, I had to prepare for a new class (sadly, no more TV class) and I sacrificed cooking. However, I was struck with the rare (we’re talking Chinese White Dolphin rare) craving for something sweet last week. It was so bad that I was even almost undone by the blueberry coffee cake at Starbuck’s (yes, we were at Starbuck’s after entering an unknown part of the burbs on our bikes–it seemed to be the only choice). So, I promptly–after 2 days and a total loss of willpower–made the blueberry coffee cake from VwaV. Totally worth the wait.
I followed that up with a delicious date shake (soy vanilla ice cream, almond milk, and medjool dates), which effectively alleviated my desire for anything sweet for about the next year and half.

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