>Enchinachos; Or, Enchiladas Gone Terribly Wrong

>I wasn’t going to post this, but what the hell. I started off trying to make the veggie enchiladas from Skinny Bitch but, honestly, the sauce turned out terrible; in fact, I fed it to the compost worms. I used different mild chiles than the recipe called for, but I’m not sure what went wrong since it said any mild chile would do. So, instead, I ended up making the enchilada sauce from Veganomicon which turned out great as usual (it’s the only enchilada sauce I really like). Since we were out of chile powder, I decided to go ahead and make some with the leftover anchos from the sauce disaster.
Unfortunately, the disaster continued past the initial attempt at sauce. The enchilada filling came out fine, but no matter how long I soaked the corn tortillas in the new sauce, they didn’t want to stay in one piece. So, frustrated and totally over enchiladas, I gave Polly the dog three broken enchiladas for dinner, threw the rest of the filling on a pile of chips with FYH cheddar, baked it, and topped it off with the rest of the good enchilada sauce and green onions. Hence, enchinachos.

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3 Responses to >Enchinachos; Or, Enchiladas Gone Terribly Wrong

  1. veganmomma says:

    >Sounds like my day in the kitchen, only I was baking but what a disaster!

  2. veganboyjosh says:

    >enchifrakkinawesome is what they were…

  3. Rural Vegan says:

    >Maybe the enchiladas didn’t work out because you were destined to make those awesome looking nachos!

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