>Grapefruit Spoons

>A little while back, Patty and I were discussing the extinction of grapefruit spoons (is it just me or did everyone have grapefruit spoons in the 80’s?*) and she took it upon herself to bring them back singlehandedly by getting me two as a moving out gift. I’ve finally gotten around to using them. And, they are absolutely as cool as I remember.
*I wrote this blog while eating wheat thins (albeit an organic/whole foods version of them) and listening to the Go Gos. Alas, I am not drinking Tab.

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2 Responses to >Grapefruit Spoons

  1. Georgie says:

    >Love, love, love grapefruit spoons. And don’t own a single one. But ah, the memories…

  2. Fredrick Merriweather says:

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