>"Egg" Salad

>Tonight was another easy night. Neither of us felt like cooking and I made some of this “egg” salad yesterday because we had some herbs that were looking like they were on their last leg. The recipe is from Skinny Bitch in the Kitch. Looking through that cookbook, I had some initial reservations, but the recipes are simple and delicious (at least the 5 I’ve tested so far). Though I simply wrapped the “egg” salad in a tortilla with sliced cucumber and fresh spinach tonight, I also made a batch of it–served on crackers–last month for a party. It was a huge hit with every cohort at that party. It has become my go to food.

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One Response to >"Egg" Salad

  1. VeganPatty says:

    >Again, when do I get the recipe for this?!

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