>Grilled Cream Cheese

>Today was a very long day and it was simply a continuation of yesterday. All told I’ve spent the past 36 hours reading, commenting on, and talking about student drafts. 35 of them. Josh is basically in the same boat, since he’s still not back from work. In fact, I think I prefer my boat.

As a result, I was looking for something easy, satisfying, and delicious.* I turned to the old standby: grilled cream cheese sandwiches. They’re as easy as they sound. Take two pieces of sourdough bread, spread butter (I prefer Soy Garden) on the outside, Tofutti cream cheese on the inside, and top with chopped fresh basil and two slices of tomato. For best results, use a cast iron grill pan. I also paired it with a simple spinach salad so I could at least pretend that it’s somewhat healthy.

*Looking at this picture, I just want to say that this sandwich is better than it looks. Like me, it doesn’t seem to be photogenic. And unlike me, this sandwich is damn near perfect.

Soundtrack: Beauty and the Beat by the Go Gos

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